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When we relocated from TX to WA, I no longer spent my days in my home office so between Sasha being very dependent on having someone at home and my daughter wanting her own dog (Sasha was very clearly a momma’s girl) we decided a second dachshund would be a good solution. We drove from Seattle to Spokane, WA to get her!

Isabella is a beautiful Chocolate doxie with a smooth coat, not your typical doxie smooth coat. She has what we call a “teddy bear” coat. It’s more of a fuzzy wuzzy smooth than a silky coarse smoothness. Oh, and a crooked tail. We’re not sure if that was an injury maybe from one of her littermates or perhpas more likely she was born with it.

She has some long hair in her blood line which where I think she get’s the fuzziness from, it’s also evident in her sweet little wispy ears. They are the perhaps the only girlish thing about her as she’s quite a little tomboy!

Isabella is actually a very sweet girl. We consider her our own Flomar (warm fuzzy friend) but she can be an extremely nervous little girl with some unfortunate OCD tendencies. She is adventurous but at the same time afraid of her shadow and will bark at the air if she senses the slightest concern. Her OCD usually expresses itself with constant licking. She will lick the couch, she will lick the floor, she will lick your feet, your legs and your face (just hopefully not in that order!) She’s pretty good about stopping when you tell her but we’re so used to her habit that it often goes unnoticed until it infringes on your personal space. Isabella, as I said is also a barker…she will bark at anything she feels is outside the norm, including the wind. It took a while getting used to that. Sasha rarely (and I mean rarely) barked, in fact, the doorbell is the biggest thing that would stir Sash up. Isabella, however, will bark at the door, at the neighbors, at a bug, at a noise, and even at her bully stick if it’s not aligned in the right position for her chewing pleasure…

As I mentioned she’s adventurous. She loves to go places and see new sights. She loves to explore as long as someone is there with her!

When she was a puppy she loved the snow and rooting around in it although as she has gotten older she has taken on more of the typical doxie distain for less than ideal outdoor conditions.

She also has an extremely expressive face as you will witness in her many pictures scattered throughout the posts on this blog.

She knows some tricks, like how to give a “high-five” (although we should call it a low-five as nothing about a dachshund is very high!) but her favorite thing to do (true to her tomboy personality) is playing fetch! She LOVES her tennis balls. She will repeatedly run after a ball, retrieve it in her mouth and bring it back for another go. It’s really quite fun to watch and she shows pure joy anytime she is given her ball to play with. Lastly, the most important thing to know about Isabella is that she loves her Mommy and her Mommy loves her!