Author: Kim

Baby was a young cat when we got her. I remember the day very well as if it were yesterday. We decided it was time to get a kitty and we went to a friend of my mother’s, who by today’s standards might have been classified as a cat hoarder, to pick out a cat for the kids. There were cats everywhere… well cared for, mind you but cats, cats and more cats! For some reason we very quickly picked up on this one particular solid midnight black kitten, perhaps 6 months of age or so, and decided that was the one!  Not yet knowing if our soon to be new family member was a male or female we set out to collect our fur-ball… but first we had to catch it!  It took all of us in true cowboy fashion to corralling this cat about the yard and without swaying from our decision after a good 30 minutes or so we finally had our kitty in hand.  A female and quite docile once in our arms so off we went for an 18 year journey with our Baby.

I’ve always had a fondness for black animals, especially black cats. At the time I was clueless about the stigma placed on black animals.  Even still, Baby was strictly an indoor cat who for several years never showed any interest in the outdoors. Once she decided she was interested in exploring outside, she did so in very small monitored excursions, mostly to appease her curiosity thus hopefully avoiding her desire to get loose and run away.

She was always an introverted cat, mellow, friendly but more inclined to observe day to day from the peripheral of the room as opposed to actively participating as the center of attention… (Quite the opposite of Pompeii for sure)

Baby was such a great part of our family.  As we went through many life changes (marriage, divorce, several local moves and finally relocation across the country) she was a friend who kept us company along the way. We don’t have many photos of her but what we do have is our memories… Our sweet little Baby spent 18 years with us. I am honored to have been in her life and to have had her in mine and will never forget the first day we met running around that yard or the last day we said goodbye as she lay in pain, her little body failing. We made the only decision we could which was to help her pass peacefully.

Baby came into our life in the fall of 1992 and left our lives May of 2010. RIP, we love and miss you.