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When Sasha passed away I knew two things for sure…I knew I would have another dog one day and I knew it would be another dachshund. I settled into life devoting my puppy love to Isabella but within 6 months or so I realized that because Tristian was away at school and I was the main “mommy” figure I was starting to bond with Isabella. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but she was Tristian’s puppy and I didn’t want to interfere with that. Then one day it happened…I came across this little guy who was ready for a home:

Ashas is a very sweet little boy with a smooth coat and coloring known as silver dapple. I never dreamed I’d be thinking of getting a little boy, in fact the opposite, I had always said I’d only have little girl dogs! But there he was, he was such a beautiful color and when I looked at him I saw Ashas. My brain took “Sasha”, moved the “S” to the end and came up with Ashas, all in a split second. Corny you may say but my heart knew it was meant to be and so it was…
We drove to the exact same spot several hours away to Spokane, WA where we had picked up Isabella 4 years before and were soon headed home with our new little boy.

We were careful to introduce Isabella to him at the neighborhood park so she wouldn’t feel threatened and she did just fine. Isabella may or may not have long forgotten her friend Sasha but she was ready for a new playmate to share her days with. Ashas was like her little shadow…he followed her everywhere, barked when she barked, laid beside her when they slept and to this day, he still takes many cues from her.
He may have learned a lot of (sometimes not so desirable) things from Isabella but Ashas’ personality is quite different from hers. He is such a happy-go-lucky little boy. And little he is, he’s full grown now and just barely tops the scale at 10lbs compared to Isabella’s 12lbs. He prances around like the world is his for the taking! He is quite the sniffer and usually has his nose up in the air smelling the wind. He could care less about balls but loves to de-stuff a good toy searching for the squeaker prize within or fall asleep trying! We call this “sleep squeaking” :-)

He’s not the most patient of pups but he truly is a hoot. He is bold and goofy on the outside and tender at heart. He will bark at the neighbor’s standard poodle as if he were five times bigger yet he is completely embarrassed when he’s going potty and if he catches you looking at him, he is overcome with the most shameful expression on his face. (Sasha was the same way, I had to pretend not to watch her BOL)

I think the most important thing to mention about Ashas is how much he loves. He will take care of you and stay by your side if you are sick and follow you from room to room to be in the action. Whether it’s snuggling with me… hanging with Doug or Tristian…napping next to Isabella or wrestling with Pompeii, he is a true sweetheart, full of love from the tip of his cold little nose to the tip of his waggly little tail.