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About us?

Well, we’re just a couple of dachshund  lovers who wanted to start a journal to share our dachshunds stories, thoughts, links to cool dachshund stuff we come across, and maybe a “tail” or two as we think our dachshunds see things!!

About Kim

My name is Kim and I’m a lifelong Texan.  We relocated to the great Pacific Northwest in 2006 because of my job.  Seattle is very different from Houston, except for those three days a year when it hits the 100 degree mark, but that just makes us miss our air-conditioning back in Texas.  Actually, we love it up here!  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no greater place to be from than Texas!  You know the saying…you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl!

I have spent my entire life around animals, in fact I can’t remember having spent any length of time without a pet. My first pet that I can really remember a bond with was Frisky. He was a little Toy Manchester & Chihuahua mix. Frisky had epilepsy and would chase his tail for what seemed like hours. Looking back I assume that was just my warped sense of time as a child. I spent a considerable amount of my childhood living with my Grandma Susie and Frisky was mine & Grandma’s dog. We made him a dog house together which sat just outside the back door, even though he was an inside dog for the most part. I remember painting the name “Frisky” in red above the door. We loved Frisky for many, many years. I moved away and Frisky eventually died at a ripe old age. 

Other pets during my childhood came and passed. Gerbils, rabbits, many fish, turtles, horses, and many family dogs & cats. I remember many of my mother’s Dobermans like Star and Playboy; what a sweetie Playboy was. There was my brother’s Irish Setter (I can’t remember his name) and my sister’s pets; she was always in to more exotic pets if you will…she had the pet rooster that lived in a playpen in our room and of course there was the snake that was lost in the house for a week. My aunt was a cat person and I spent many years visiting her and cats, especially her beloved “Scrap”.

By the time I ventured out into the world as a young adult “married with kids”, I had been exposed by my sister to the world of dachshunds. Those funny looking little long-dogs soon had me hooked and I had my first sweet little girl Samantha. She was a beautiful black and tan smooth who’s life was cut too short by a car. She was only a year or so old when I lost her. I remember feeling like a small child, crushed by the weight of sheer tragedy as I held her damaged lifeless body in my arms. Foolishly I tried to replace her shortly afterwards with another little dachshund we named Keisha. Somewhere between not taking enough time to mourn and guilt I could not love little Keisha and gave her to a loving family. I hope she had a wonderful life.

There have been several pets that my children have had over the years. We lived in the country so there were plenty more gerbils, more rabbits, more fish, a pig, a duck and more cats. After divorce brought me and the kids to apartment in the city we decided a house cat would be the perfect addition to our new, smaller family. Enter Baby…She was a young cat of about a year old when we got her. A friend of my mother had many cats and offered to give us one of our choosing. After we picked her out, we had to chase her around the yard and under the house for some time before finally catching her and taking her home with us. She would go on to be a wonderful family cat for another 17 years before she would use up her ninth and final life on 4/3/2010.

Unintentionally, I passed my love of this wonderful breed down to my daughter, Tristian.  In fact, by the time she was in high school and thanks to her, circumstances happened that I found myself with my special little Sasha.  Well, actually, we like to say Sasha found us!  We were in the right place at the right time to ‘save’ this little angel from the family with too many dogs already!  Surely this little girl would quickly no longer be the novelty and would find herself forced to live in the backyard with the rest of their dogs.  At least that is what we convinced ourselves and that was all it took…the next thing I know I was headed home with a precious puppy not much bigger than the size of my hands.  Sasha spent six wonderful years here on this earth but was taken by illness in April, 2009. 

My angel, Sasha, is very much a part of my memories every single day and now I have another angel named Ashas to share my heart with as well.  Ashas is a handsome little boy with a smooth coat and silver dapple coloring.  I didn’t imagine myself getting a male but it just happened that he stole my heart before I even met him so, boy or not, it was meant to be.

Then there is Isabella, my other avenue for getting extra puppy love! Isabella is my daughter’s chocolate doxie.  Isabella was already part of our lives hen we lost Sasha.  She really changed when Sasha left us, in fact she turned into a little lady herself!  But don’t be fooled, she’s also a little spoiled…hmmm, just like her mother?

There’s Baby, who was like the cornerstone of the family from a pet perspective. She lived with us for 18 years, through several house moves, a cross-country relocation and a variety of family pets like a rabbit (Tucker (aka Mr. Bunny), several gerbils (my personal favorties: Mika and Sonya) and many fish all of which she gracefully tollerated.

Lastly, we have this little girl we call our half-doxie…she’s really a cat but you’ll be hard pressed to convince her or Ashas of that fact. Her name is Pompeii and she is usually found where ever the pups are, doing what ever the pups are doing.

Read more about SashaBaby, Ashas, Isabella and Pompeii in each of their very own bios!

About Tristian

Hi! I’m a young, twenty something girl, fresh out of college. I moved to the Seattle area three years ago from Houston, Texas for the sake of college funding and being with the family. I miss a lot of things from Texas, the people, the food, the lifestyle, old country roads, but not the humidity. I love the Pacific Northwest.

I didn’t have a strong interest in dachshunds until we got Sasha during my high school years. After a few years of loving her I decided I wanted one of my own. When I determined I would be moving to Washington, I decided I needed a new friend. I was always a girl with a full social calendar and would be very lonely without my friends. A dachshund puppy could cure my lonely heart. So I started raising money and began the search six months previous to the move. I looked at breeders all across the state and I’m sorry to say pet stores but couldn’t find a princess that immediately stole my heart.

Following the move to Washington, I found my love, Isabella. When I first laid eyes on her I knew she would be my first of many dachshunds in my lifetime. Isabella is my 3 year old miniature chocolate dachshund. I’m so delighted that my patience and determination to find the right puppy paid off. I’m happy we ended up with her. I love her and spoil her with all I have. She is full of personality and character and is such a joy. I also refer to Isabella as Peanut or occasionally Izzy. Although she can be a brat, she is just as much a part of the family as any other member.

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