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What’s in a nickname and how the heck do our pets know all of theirs? I have been thinking about Sasha a lot lately. This morning was no exception and for some reason my thoughts were focused around her many nicknames. Isabella even has a few herself and I started contemplating how our pets relate to our usage of nicknames.

According to Wikipedia: A nickname (also spelled “nick name”) is a descriptive name given in place of or in addition to the official name.

So I get it, typically it’s the shortened version of a name. Yes, Sasha was quite often called Sashie and Isabella’s mom calls her Izzy. But what about those nicknames that are really just terms of endearment. A name, when heard, which seem to evoke feelings of warmth and joy for humans who understand them and allow the subject to feel a strong sense of being loved. For Sasha there were the typical ones; Precious, Pretty Pretty Princess, Baby Girl, Sweet Pea. For Isabella it’s Princess, or our family’s particular favorite: Flomar (a warm furry friend according to Dennis in “The Martian Child“). Do our pets feel those same feelings of satisfaction when bestowed with our endearments?

As smart as I think animals are, especially Sasha, I assume the emotion we emit when using such a nickname is what is picked up by our pets as opposed to the name itself. But for many, nicknames are more humorous or even at times a reason for embarrassment. How do our pets interpret those?

Sasha, as I said, had many nicknames, some very creative and some more animated than others. A few more of hers;  Sashie Versache, Sashanator, Sashquatch. I can recall her antics when met with a whimsical “Hi there Sashie Versache”.  Yet, as much as she resembled a seal with her big round eyes (Exhibit A), for some reason we never came up with a related nickname that drew upon that.  

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

She was also affectionately called Poop-neck which was derived from the fact that on more than one occasion she was caught “applying herself with an ode ‘de poop” which is a nice way to say she was caught rolling in poop.( Exhibit B) I suppose there is a transference of emotion we convey when using such nicknames as well? I can remember her look of shame when bestowed the poop-neck title! That just wasn’t proper for a sweet little girl like her!  

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

I find we (pet owners) often borrow food items as nicknames too. In our family’s case it seems to be snack foods. Hmmmm, what’s that telling us? Maybe it’s just another expression of playfulness! Shasha was often referred to as Popcorn and Isabella is still referred to as Peanut, perhaps even more frequently than she is called Isabella! It depends on if she’s being a good girl or bad girl! ;-)

My final observation: nicknames express emotions. There seems to be some sense of security that comes from the familiarity and informality of a nickname. Whatever the subconscious reason, we all use nicknames and potentially sometime may even abuse nicknames!

Next Post: Top Ten nicknames for dachshunds, send me your suggestions!  

Peanut, Popcorn and Punky

Peanut, Popcorn and Punky

Sasha baby, come see me in my dreams soon!

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I think too often we underestimate endings.  After all, what is more important than the ending?  It’s the lasting impression, the defining moment, the little piece of memory that lingers on forever and ever.

Some endings are welcomed, even anticipated… much like the end of a bad movie, the end of a long week or the end of an awkward moment.  Those are the types of endings we can’t wait for.  We try to occupy our minds while waiting for them, obsessed with determining how much more we can endure.  How long we can remain focused and when will the agony end?

There are endings that are obvious and expected, although dreaded.  How about the end of a vacation?  Perhaps, even simply the end of the weekend?  Monday is all but a dirty word as Sunday evening draws to an end.

There are endings that are unexpected and heart-wrenching like the tragic loss of a loved one. (RIP my dear sweet Sasha) Under any circumstance, those are the endings we must respect and allow ourselves to accept them in whatever way we can.  They are very personal endings that no one can help us understand or accept.

Some endings linger somewhere between sad and happy or better yet, heartwarming.  The end of a good book which leaves you wanting more.  The end of a soulful love song whose words and melody haunt your thoughts for days. 

My personal favorite: the end of those peaceful dreams in which our loved ones re-appear before us.


I have found myself dreaming of Sasha a lot this weekend.  Friday morning I woke up and the realization didn’t’ hit me for a few hours that I had dreamt about her but once it did I had a wonderful day filled with warmth from within.  Saturday morning I drifted in and out of dreams several times seeing her squeak her toy and roll around in the sun.  This morning I woke slowly, knowing I was coming out of a dream, seeing her fade before me.  I tried falling back to sleep to rejoin my dream in progress but with no success.  My dreams have meant a lot to me lately.  Dreams I don’t want to wake from but eventually come to an end.  If only dreams had pause and rewind!   

I know dreams are some way related to our subconscious and it’s probably me trying to reconcile her passing…maybe the guilt of her last night on earth?  Maybe the happiness that she was in my arms for her last breaths.  I don’t really care what they mean, I’ll take what I can get!

With that my friends and family, I bid you all “ Sweet Dreams” and may they all have happy endings!

The End!

The End! :-)

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sweet puppy dreams…

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Have you ever stared at a sleeping puppy? I love to watch my puppy sleep; she looks so lovable and peaceful.

Isabella dreams often while I’m sitting at my desk working or reading a book. Occasionally I’ll look over and it is evident that she is dreaming. Sometimes she’ll twitch, other times she’ll move her mouth or licks her lips, and then there are those times when she grumbles, growls or barks ever so quietly. I love to watch her and imagine what she could be dreaming about. It’s so cute. I like to think she’s having happy dreams about chewing on a huge rawhide or running through an open field in the sun. Maybe she dreams about getting new toys or making new friends, or perhaps she dreams about memories of Sasha and she’s running around the living room playing wrestling games or tug of war (something they did often when Sasha was still healthy and able to play). Whatever she may be dreaming of, it’s adorable to watch my baby.

Then there are those times when I wonder if she’s having a nightmare. Sometimes her growls and twitches are scary, and I worry my little one is scared. I then feel the need to wake her up and get her out of the dream. This always makes me feel so guilty for interrupting her sleep and waking her. She always looks up at me with questioning eyes as if asking, “What’s going on, what’s wrong?”

Does your puppy dream?

How do they act during their vivid dreams and how do you react to them?

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