What’s in a tail wag…

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I was watching Isabella the other day as she fretted about in her usual flurry upon her mom’s arrival.  As her tail flew back and forth in frantic chaos, it made me realize how different tail wags can be from dog to dog. Ashas has the rotary version of a tail wag, a circular motion of happiness telling the world he is ready to party! Sasha’s tail wag was perfectly timed and balanced, a metranome of tail wags, if you will, stating her approval of just about everything in the world! She was such a happy and well adjusted little girl!

Then there is Isabella’s crooked wizard’s wand of a tail wagging in its haphazard frenzy which exudes her conflicting OCD/NOCD (obsessive compulsive dissorder/no clear direction) attitude about most things. I imagine her thought process to be one of optimistic/pessimistic indecision… she wants to like new experiences but she’s so scared of something bad that she can’t make up her mind how to react and so a frenzy usually wins.

Then there’s the feline tail wag… Hardly worth calling a wag, Pompeii has a gentle swirling motion forming beautuful symmetrical figure eights to an fro, clearly announcing the power position she sees herself in… Make no mistake, this self-appointed head of the household must appear regal and in command at all times!

So just what does a tail wag say?

Well, I’ve not seen much on the subject of tail wags related to cat tails (the feline kind, not the flowering plant kind) but everything I’ve ever read says quite a lot from a dog’s point of view! Dogs (along with those people who have a keen dog sense) know how to tell when approaching another dog if they are friendly, happy, angry, ready to bite the head of the world off, etc.

What a useful function, in fact… Imagine if people had tails we could wag!

Maybe I’d be able to tell before I approach the counter if the check-out clerk is having a bad day! Then I could simply get in a different line and avoid having my groceries thrown so feverishly into my grocery bags, almost as if her bad day will get better just by putting my watermelon in the same bag as my bread!

Speaking of things that don't belong, who put the cat in with my vitamin water???

Of course I could also determine that the clerk in my line with the extremely friendly tail wag will no doubt make a 5 minute checkout last 20 minutes while she fills me in on her last dinner party at which the mother-in-law was in attendance and completely embarrased her in front of all her friends by complaining about how the mashed potatoes tasted like instant when in fact they were homemade and blended in the mixer for a smoother creamier mashed potato…

I can haz mashed potatoes?

And best of all, what about the waiter who is miffed at the table ahead of me because they left no tip on their $96 service for eight… I could decide right away from the lack of wag thereof that I prefer patio seating and politley ask to move before anyone gets hurt! So much good to come from a tail wag!

Back to reality, nothing beats a tailwag for the sheer entertainment factor! Who doesn’t love watching a happy pup’s tail bebopping with excitement as they prance about! And watching our pets do the infamous tailwag chase never get’s old… we should be able to somehow harness some energy from this, like windmills, as they fuel their spinning with determination for the catch! My question is why don’t they ever get dizzy?

Of course, we must not forget the interactive usefulness of the tailwag between species… For example, Pompeii seriously thinks Ashas’ tail is a toy which is attached to her buddy and lies readily available for her personal amusement, even when Ashas may disagree.

The huntress spies her prey, she slowly moves in, then with precision she makes her move!!!

So there you have it, random thoughts about tailwags…

How does your tail wag?

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