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Summertime is now over, the chill of fall is well in the air and winter is fast approaching.  Sadly, we didn’t find out until the end of summer that apparently our guys have an interest in swimming!  They’re dachshunds which rarely, and even then, barely like baths so who would’ve thought ours would or could swim?!?

It all started last summer (’10) when Tristian bought Isabella a little wading pool to which she has religiously responded with the proverbial dachshund “You’ve got to be kidding” look when presented with any opportunity to use it. Ashas was still pretty young when we got it and for some reason which escapes me now, we didn’t even really try to get him interested.  Mind you the water here in the pacific northwest comes out of the faucet colder than ice water, even in the dead heat of summer, so I suspect I was paranoid about him getting sick exposed to such cold water while so young?

At any rate, fast forward to this summer (’11) when we pulled the little blue puppy pool back out and Ashas showed slightly more interest than Peanut had ever shown.  In fact, the first time it came out he jumped into it himself!  Promising! For about a split second… true to dachshund form, he has proven to mostly just snoop around it, using it as a giant water bowl. If it’s a really hot day he will tolerate a quick dip to run around in a circle and let you splash of the water on his back for a cool down…

If you live anywhere near Seattle, you’ve heard of Marymoor Park.  They have one of, if not the largest off-leash Dog Park in the state of WA.  We started going there this summer to let the pups run some energy off and make new friends.  Actually, we used to go there with Sasha and Isabella before Sasha got sick but we had to stop due to her illness to avoid exposing her to anything with her weakened immune system.  Because of that, it had been a couple of years since going. The park has a beautiful river going through the off-leash area with access for dogs to enjoy the water.  All of our trips through the park and along the trails never resulted in water play for us, we have been happy to just enjoy the sights from the sidelines…we have doxies and everyone knows (most) doxies don’t do water…

Or so we thought…

A few weeks ago we met several friends and their fur-kids at the park for a puppy play-date!  Upon encountering the water area, one of my friends, Linda, who has a sweet larger dog named Roxie, decided to go in the river to let Roxie swim.  Then, another friend of ours, decided to take their miniature poodle in for an experimental swim.  Next thing we know, Ashas was looking like he was going to jump in so Tristian got in with him. Well, one thing led to another and within minutes, we were ALL in the river with our pups, Isabella included!  It was such a hoot!!!

Roxie is a pro at swimming!

This is our friend Coco!

Isabella's splashing up a storm!

That's one wet puppy!!!

This is Panda, takin' it easy!

Coco is a natural swimmer!

Little Abby is covered with ringlets when she gets wet! Too cute...

Abby is gonna get her bow wet!

Ashas is ready to go back in for more fun!

Tristian and I decided the next day to go back for some more fun in the water since they had liked swimming but to make the fun safer and less stressful for us we would invest in life jackets. They did well enough swimming but their short legs tired out pretty quickly so having the floatation of the life vests made for an easier swim!

We can’t wait until next summer… until then swim lessons are on hold. In the meantime, enjoy some clips of Ashas and Isabella doin’ the dog paddle!

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