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Well, it’s official! Ashas and Pompeii are total BFFs!

They have formed a strong bond in the short time since we adopted her a month ago. I’m still convinced they all think she is just another dachshund, be it one that has a unique talent of purring! As I mentioned in my last post, by day three they were all showing signs of being good pals and it’s been such a joy to watch all three of these guys grow closer but Ashas and Pompeii are truly besties!

Most of their days are spent playing together wrestling, chasing and teasing each other!

When they’re not getting into trouble together, they’re usually snuggled together napping… one important trait that comes naturally for any purring dachshund!

Pompeii has been great for both pups! Even Isabella enjoys relaxing with her nearby!

Mind you, Pompeii does like to torement Isabella, begging for her to play! Typically it’s when Isabella is trying to sleep and has no patience for being awakened. We all know how some Doxies need their beauty rest!

I think Isabella is a little jealous at times when Ashas and Pompeii are going at the speed of light around the house. She tries to get in the action but she often gets left in the dust. Remember when you were a teenager with your two best friends at the amusement park? When it comes time to ride the roller coaster one person always has to sit alone… that’s Isabella in this three muskateers act, usually in the backseat watching all the fun.

And fun there is…the kind of fun based on love only best friends know…

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