The “cone of shame”…

Author: Kim  //  Category: Ashas

Poor Ashas…he started licking his incision so we decided it was time to turn to the “cone of shame”!  He looks so darn cute I snapped some pictures to share with all…Enjoy!

Ok, I'm cute, now get this off! can take this off now!

How am I supposed to walk with this thing dragging the ground?

I'm sooo embarrassed...

Maybe I'll wake up and this will just be a bad dream...

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One Response to “The “cone of shame”…”

  1. Twix Says:

    Ashas, I’m so sorry you have to wear that icky cone. You do look pretty darn cute sleeping upside down in it though. I like to sleep on my back too ;o) Hope you get rid of it soon!!!

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