Munch, munch, munch…

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 What do one pair of my favorite flip flops (now complete with teeth marks and missing chunks), one laptop power cord (which now shoots sparks), one iPhone charger cable (now in two equal parts), and let’s not forget one pair of glasses, a mouse (the computer kind, not the cute furry kind) and a remote control (each now adorned with teeth marks) all have in common? 

They are all signs of a new puppy in the house! 

We were pretty lucky with Sasha and Isabella when it came to destructive chewing. Those of you that have read some of my other posts know what a good girl Sasha was so it goes without saying she pretty much stuck to chewing her toys, ropes and bones. Don’t get me wrong, Isabella can lay claim to a few key household casualties, namely Doug’s eyeglasses. They weren’t cheap to replace but I held my patience, took the hit in the pocket-book and moved on. After all, it wasn’t her fault his glasses happen to look (to her) exactly like…uh, a big juicy bone? None the less, we were more careful from that point forward and she passed through the rest of the chewing phase with only a few minor infractions. 

Not that I’m keeping score or anything but Ashas has become quite the little chompers! We are learning quickly that we have to watch him carefully or before we know it, he is munching on more than just pine cones and tree bark! 

I am pretty sure it’s a passing phase due to “teething”. From what I’ve read on the topic, four to six months is the period when puppies replace their baby teeth with permanent ones. Ashas is five months old so according to that he is right on track with the process. I found a baby molar in my bed this morning. According to my research, the typical sequence is incisors then canines then molars but he hasn’t lost his canines yet. Those are the ones I’m looking forward to him losing the most! We are trying to teach him to give proper kisses and while he is happy to offer them, he gets too excited and if you pull back he nips your face trying to grab hold and draw you back closer to him. Those tiny little canines are so sharp and they really hurt when they catch your lips or nose! I’m sure patience will cure this as we talk him through kissing “gently” so he can be a lover not a biter! 

I would be worried if he were showing signs of taking out the corners of the furniture but so far it seems to be contained to loose objects that are close by and handy for a quick chomp to serve his need. He also hasn’t shown signs of hiding with his “catch”. He just happily chews away where ever he finds something interesting and of his taste level. (His taste level not being too refined, at least nothing a New York food critic would appreciate for sure as his consists mainly of rubber!) If we are quick to the draw with replacing any inappropriate items we find him “sampling” with an “approved chew object” he isn’t too concerned with what was taken away from him. From that I’m deducing that he’s doesn’t care ‘what’ he’s chewing, only that his chewing need is being met. 

So what will Ashas use for a teething ring next? Hopefully nothing he shouldn’t, but just in case, we’ve taken even more steps to ensure he doesn’t continue to get a hold of the wrong things; cords are now concealed better and my closet floor is now void of all shoes. He also has a ready supply of chew bones and chew toys to chomp on!

I can has rope???

Nom, nom, nom...

Me loves me some rope!

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