Who’s whose???

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For most dachshund lovers it is an undisputed, well known irony that they are strong-willed, sneaky, noisy, silly, little sweethearts.  We’ve also given in to the fact that we worship the ground they pounce on and more often than not, we are willing to succumb to those beautiful almond shaped eyes to provide for whatever they need… or don’t need…even sleeping like a contortionist so as not to disturb their peaceful slumber!

 For those who live with and love a dachshund and haven’t figured it out yet, I offer the following advice to answer the question: when life is spent with a dachshund, who owns who?

You might be owned by your dachshund if…

Your doorbell no longer works, on purpose, in the hopes that visitors will knock softly enough to bypass the long dog tornado.

Cooking also doubles as agility practice, navigating the 4-legged clean-up crew scurrying below to get the bits of fruit and veggies you drop intentionally.

Mealtime is performed in front of an audience and you’re ok with it because you haven’t had to vacuum below the table in forever!

You no longer notice the nose prints on the inside of your car windows.

You support the porch/patio as a substitute potty when it’s raining or snowing in order to spare your living room carpet.

You keep the thermostat down at night to avoid waking up sweating from the built-in fur-covered bed warmers.

Every time you go to the store alone, you feel guilty and bring home a new toy.

Every time you go to the store with your dachshund, you bring home a new toy.

Your living room decor includes a set of stairs leading up to the couch.

You can spot another dachshund almost as quick as your dachshunds can.

Last but not least, no matter how many doxies you have you’re always thinking of getting another one!

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  1. Jana Rade Says:

    Hysterical! Same applies to Rotties! Guess who owns whom in our house … LOL

  2. Jana Rade Says:

    Hi! I am sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with you! Thank you for a great blog! Jana

  3. 4 Paws Decals Says:

    That is so true!

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