Goodbye Baby…

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Today we say goodbye to Baby… 1992 – 2010

 Baby was a young cat when we got her, we think maybe a year old.  It seems like yesterday when we chased her around a family friend’s yard to catch her and bring her home with us but in reality it was 17 years ago.  She’s been a great pet and we are left with plenty of wonderful memories that will keep her in our hearts forever.

 In her younger years she was very much a part of our everyday lives.  Always in the middle of things and ready to partake in all the family activities.  She was there to comfort me through divorce, lend a purr to the kids when they were in bed with colds and always keeping her regular vigil over the house…making her rounds through each of our rooms at night checking to ensure all was right in the world with her family.

She was an outdoor cat when we got her but aside from the occasional excursion into the back yard to check things out, she has been an indoor cat since joining our family.  I think she liked living indoors.  She was never an extremely playful cat and wasn’t the type to bring us present like mice or lizards.  Instead she was a mellow, laid back soul which filled the house with a sense of calmness.

She went through half a dozen moves with us, including the relocation from Texas to Washington which included a 5 day cross-country drive.  I wouldn’t exactly call her the travelling type but she made it through the trip and easily adjusted once we arrived.

 The last couple of years have each been increasingly difficult on her and we began to notice changes in her health. She stopped grooming herself and her water intake increased dramatically.  Her eyesight declined from both cataracts and glaucoma according to the vet so she has been blind for some time.  Last summer, on the heels of losing Sasha, we thought we had lost her as well to the heat, however she cashed in on one of her remaining nine lives and amazingly made it through.

 Last night she really started acting strange and just wasn’t herself.  She had the same look Sasha did towards the end so in my heart I knew something was up, especially since she was no longer purring when we were petting her.  After discussing with the kids we all agreed this was serious and had an idea it might be time.  She had already stopped eating so we kept an eye on her overnight and by this morning she had stopped drinking as well.  We took her to the vet who confirmed that Baby was suffering from a metabolic shutdown which, given her age, was not surprising at all.

 Together we made the call that it was time to let her go and we sat with her while she slipped away to be with her long time friend, our dear Sasha. She’ll also be surprised to find her old pal Bailey up there as well, it’s been years since they had the chance to torment each other!

 Peace be with you, Baby…until we meet again on the other side.

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  1. Vikki Says:

    I’m so sorry. Hugs to all of you. It is so hard to say goodbye…

  2. Terri Says:

    So sorry for the loss of your baby. 17 years is a long time. What a wonderful gift you guys got to share that many years together. Peace to all of you.

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