Top 10 nicknames ‘fit’ for a dachshund…

Author: Kim  //  Category: Top 10

10) Sausage Dog

9) Doxie (or Dachsie)

8) Oscar Mayer Dog

7) Wienerschnitzel Dog

6) Shortie

5) Brat (or Bratwurst)

4) Stretch

3) Frankfurter Dog

2) Hot Dog

1) Weenie Dog (or Wiener Dog)

A dachshund by any other name is still two dogs long and a half a dog high! :-)

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  1. Brindusa Says:

    I have 2 doxies, Lucy and Freddy, and each time we go out for a walk I can hear people calling them: train-dogs, pipe-dog, French-bread, crocodile,long vehicle, so on. They are unique dogs, there is why people adore them.

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