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I think too often we underestimate endings.  After all, what is more important than the ending?  It’s the lasting impression, the defining moment, the little piece of memory that lingers on forever and ever.

Some endings are welcomed, even anticipated… much like the end of a bad movie, the end of a long week or the end of an awkward moment.  Those are the types of endings we can’t wait for.  We try to occupy our minds while waiting for them, obsessed with determining how much more we can endure.  How long we can remain focused and when will the agony end?

There are endings that are obvious and expected, although dreaded.  How about the end of a vacation?  Perhaps, even simply the end of the weekend?  Monday is all but a dirty word as Sunday evening draws to an end.

There are endings that are unexpected and heart-wrenching like the tragic loss of a loved one. (RIP my dear sweet Sasha) Under any circumstance, those are the endings we must respect and allow ourselves to accept them in whatever way we can.  They are very personal endings that no one can help us understand or accept.

Some endings linger somewhere between sad and happy or better yet, heartwarming.  The end of a good book which leaves you wanting more.  The end of a soulful love song whose words and melody haunt your thoughts for days. 

My personal favorite: the end of those peaceful dreams in which our loved ones re-appear before us.


I have found myself dreaming of Sasha a lot this weekend.  Friday morning I woke up and the realization didn’t’ hit me for a few hours that I had dreamt about her but once it did I had a wonderful day filled with warmth from within.  Saturday morning I drifted in and out of dreams several times seeing her squeak her toy and roll around in the sun.  This morning I woke slowly, knowing I was coming out of a dream, seeing her fade before me.  I tried falling back to sleep to rejoin my dream in progress but with no success.  My dreams have meant a lot to me lately.  Dreams I don’t want to wake from but eventually come to an end.  If only dreams had pause and rewind!   

I know dreams are some way related to our subconscious and it’s probably me trying to reconcile her passing…maybe the guilt of her last night on earth?  Maybe the happiness that she was in my arms for her last breaths.  I don’t really care what they mean, I’ll take what I can get!

With that my friends and family, I bid you all “ Sweet Dreams” and may they all have happy endings!

The End!

The End! :-)

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