Leaves, leaves and more leaves…

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It’s that time of the year again, when we find a multitude of colors in the landscape.  This fall has been particularly colorful here in the Pacific Northwest.  The horizon of trees in vibrant shades of beautiful orange and gorgeous red leaves.  Incredible yellow, brown and even purple leaves everywhere.  Yes, an abundant array of colors, much like those found in our childhood box of 64 crayons.  Surely you all remember Burnt Orange, Brick Red and Scarlet or how about Goldenrod and Burnt Sienna!  More colors still can be found in the Evergreens standing tall and providing the perfect backdrop. 

A lot of colors and A LOT of leaves!  Leaves still clinging to the branches, swaying back and forth with the breeze, making their own music.  Leaves taking flight, floating through the air riding waves of wind.  Leaves swirling around on the sidewalks in a tornadic frenzy, ready to find their way into our homes and cars.

I remember as a child having to rake leaves on the weekend.  It was quite common to see families working together in the yard making leaf piles every 5 feet or so apart.  The trick being to get them sacked up before the next wind came and disrupted the neatness and order that had been created.  I remember wanting desperately to play in the leaves and kick them around, having fun as opposed to the drudgery I had been sentenced to.  There was such a potential for fun but the reality was it really didn’t feel that good to drop back into a pile of leaves, the hard ground still painfully evident below them and besides, it was such a daunting chore that came before all else and you just wanted to get it over with.  No going to ride bikes with friends, no watching TV, no heading to the park until the task was complete and 8 or 9 tightly bound, black plastic bags stood proudly by the driveway awaiting pick up on the next garbage day.

 Raking leaves doesn’t seem like a common family event these days but I saw a family raking leaves this weekend and I imagine from the looks on everyone’s faces the same thoughts were mingled in amongst their piles of leaves.  No one was smiling and there was no laughter, just the persistent battle of man v nature.  Using thier rakes to defend their yard and tame the beast of leaves long enough for capture.  The only thing that has really changed it seems, is the container of choice.   The current method of containment is now the compost can, laid to rest at the end of the driveway awaiting pickup but the recycling truck.

To all those in the situation of having to rake and pick up leaves, I give you my sympathy.  To all those who have the beauty of nature and this colorful scenery in your daily lives, I ask you not take it for granted.  After all, it will be months of winter shades of white and gray before we are able to see the beautiful colors of spring!

Even this picture I took today while out and about on  a rainy day show how the colors of fall make for a nice drive to the gas station.

Fall in Washington

Fall in Washington

Maybe the sun will come back out this week and dry things off so as least Isabella can play in the leaves!

It's too wet to play! :(

It's too wet to play! :(

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