sweet puppy dreams…

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Have you ever stared at a sleeping puppy? I love to watch my puppy sleep; she looks so lovable and peaceful.

Isabella dreams often while I’m sitting at my desk working or reading a book. Occasionally I’ll look over and it is evident that she is dreaming. Sometimes she’ll twitch, other times she’ll move her mouth or licks her lips, and then there are those times when she grumbles, growls or barks ever so quietly. I love to watch her and imagine what she could be dreaming about. It’s so cute. I like to think she’s having happy dreams about chewing on a huge rawhide or running through an open field in the sun. Maybe she dreams about getting new toys or making new friends, or perhaps she dreams about memories of Sasha and she’s running around the living room playing wrestling games or tug of war (something they did often when Sasha was still healthy and able to play). Whatever she may be dreaming of, it’s adorable to watch my baby.

Then there are those times when I wonder if she’s having a nightmare. Sometimes her growls and twitches are scary, and I worry my little one is scared. I then feel the need to wake her up and get her out of the dream. This always makes me feel so guilty for interrupting her sleep and waking her. She always looks up at me with questioning eyes as if asking, “What’s going on, what’s wrong?”

Does your puppy dream?

How do they act during their vivid dreams and how do you react to them?

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