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Yesterday, 9/11, will no doubt have significant meaning for the rest of history.  My heart pours out to those who were impacted directly with the loss of a beloved family member, close friend or co-worker.  Many of us were impacted less directly but impacted non-the-less as we watched with horror the events that occurred that day…We all have one thing in common, we look back with a slew of emotions, ranging from sorrow, pain, disbelief, disgust, empathy and even pride for a nation that came together.

Before 2001, September 11 had a different significance for me.  It was simply my sister’s birthday.  I called my sister, Dolores, yesterday to say Happy Birthday as I do every year.  It seemed like I talked to her not too long ago…but at the same time it felt like ages.  We used to talk daily however recent years have brought distance between us.  I moved from Texas to Washington due to my job and she moved from Texas to New Mexico to follow her dreams of a successful relationship…which by the way, so far so good. :-)  As I was thinking about her last night after our call, I also had a happy little memory of Bailey…her black and tan, smooth miniature dachshund.  Well… her daughter, Chrystal’s dachshund, who just so happened to remain at home when Chrystal got married and moved out…so by my account, Bailey was Dolores’ protector. 

I say ‘was’ because Bailey, like Sasha, passed away this year.  Somehow, although sad it seems only fitting as they loved each other.  Sasha was (one of) Bailey’s girlfriends.  When Dolores came to visit, Bailey always came with.  His favorite things to do at our house were to chase after Sasha and leave reminders on any 90 degree angle in or out of the house  that he was there…kind of his own personal graffiti, perhaps most fitting of a bathroom stall…I imagine it read something like “Bailey was here”…Regardless, I always felt a fondness for him.  He was a very sweet soul who had been through so much…back surgery from a disk injury,  the whole “who’s your mamma” thing.  He was my sister’s protector for many years and had quite a bark behind that tiny exterior.   When I moved from Texas I never imagined I wouldn’t see him again.  He would have been about 10 years old by now but alas he is back with Sasha now, jumping from cloud to cloud, enjoying warm summer days.  I’m sure he’s not pleased that clouds don’t have corners!

Here’s to you Bailey!  Peace be with you and my baby girl. 


And speaking of my baby girl… hugs and kisses my dear sweet Sasha, come see me in my dreams soon! :)

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