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Tristian and I are making a scrapbook for Sasha, memories of her life… something to look through when we need a special lift and to keep her close in our hearts.  We came across a roll of photos, which included some of my favorties of her! We took the negatives to Walgreens and had fresh copies made for the book and also had them transferred to a CD.  She was about three years old when these were taken, here are three of my favs I thought I would share…

 If this first one doesn’t look like an angel I don’t know what does?

R1- 5

It’s funny, check out the second one compared to Isabella’s picture in the last post… they look so similar, in fact Bubby said he had to do a double take thinking they were the same. 

R1- 8

Last but not least, Sasha LOVED to bask in the sunshine… does it get any better than this on a warm  summer afternoon in Texas?


Hugs and kisses my dear sweet Sasha, come see me in my dreams soon! :)

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