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I came across this picture of Isabella, looking rather guitly about something!  I’m not sure when exactly it was taken and she has always been quite the little rascal (cough *punk* cough),  but she was obviously showing signs of concern over whatever she was caught doing…maybe that’s where the yellow stain on the rug came from?


I tried to find a picture of Sasha looking guilty but this was as close as I came…she was such a good girl…that plus I think she was better at not getting caught! :)


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The boyfriend’s back and there’s gonna be trouble…

Author: Isabella  //  Category: Adventures, Isabella


Hey La, Hey La….yes he is and seriously we’re all glad he is! Mom’s been going stir crazy waiting for him!  We all missed him but I didn’t think this through when he left, I’ve been hanging with the big mommy instead of my mommy all week and now that he’s back and I’ll be second fiddle! :-(  Only for a day or two though while mom and boyfriend catch up but until then I’m hanging with the bubby and the big mommy.


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Isabella v. Baby (the cat)

Author: Isabella  //  Category: Adventures, Isabella

Baby, the cat that lives with us, thinks she owns the back of the couch so I’ve decided to work on showing her whose boss around here…as soon as she jumps down I jump up and plant myself firmly in the middle of the indentation made by her regularity of the spot.  I’m king of the mountain, YAY, look at me Mom!  Making myself comfortable and preparing to stand my ground upon her return I drift lightly into daydream land where I see myself as “Isabella the Victor”.  That is until I’m awoken from being stepped on and soon find her about to basically sit on top of me…next time I’ll stand my ground!

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