10 reasons I love dachshunds…

Author: Kim  //  Category: Misc, Top 10

10) Show me a dachshund and I’ll show you loyalty.

9) A dachshund is the epitome of “great things come in small packages”.

8) Dachshund’s make really great heating pads.

7) I’ll take picking up dachshund poop over great dane poop any day!

6) Most dachshunds love to snuggle.

5) A dachshund can provide hours of entertainment in any setting.

4) Dachshund’s look good in almost any outfit.

3) If I ever need a badger, my dachshund can help me find one.

2) Dachshunds are just so darn cute!

1) A dachshund’s love is both endless and priceless.

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