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I came across this picture of Isabella, looking rather guitly about something!  I’m not sure when exactly it was taken and she has always been quite the little rascal (cough *punk* cough),  but she was obviously showing signs of concern over whatever she was caught doing…maybe that’s where the yellow stain on the rug came from?


I tried to find a picture of Sasha looking guilty but this was as close as I came…she was such a good girl…that plus I think she was better at not getting caught! :)


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One Response to “Busted…”

  1. Tristian Says:

    Sasha was just a better dog and didn’t like to cause problems, except when it came to her health… She also always felt more guilty when she did something so she gave it away. She didn’t try to hide things like Isabella does, little stinker.

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